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Welcome to The QSR Tech Hub


This first post is to welcome you to our blog. We will be talking about new technologies and their impact on QSR. We will be covering topics such as automation, quality control, staff management, and marketing among others, and how technology can drive pivotal changes in this areas to franchisees. There are plenty of client-facing technologies out there, allowing you to identify how many people are entering, cars in the drive-through and so on. However, we believe the next wave of technologies will deal with the complexities of the kitchen, the backbone of QSR. Fast food restaurants' main function is to produce as many items as possible with time constraint and specific quality guidelines. How can new tech help you achieve this? Kwali, as a pioneer of this new wave of tech, will guide you through the best ways and help you avoid common mistakes. 

Change is not only from the outside, but it also requires the correct disposition to be rightly implemented. Ask yourself: Are you willing to change your habits and to add new capabilities to your restaurants? Is your team ready too? How will you communicate change with your team? What are your and your teams' expectations about it?

Follow us and we will keep you posted or schedule a call to learn how you can improve your result today!


The QSR Tech Hub team