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The True Impact of a Bad Pizza on Your Business


Pizza pano

Currently, consumers have unlimited choices when it comes to quick service restaurants. With pizza beingvoted as the #1 comfort food people choose, the competition is especially steep for pizza shops and franchises (FoodNetwork).

Businesses doing well within this cutthroat industry must be doing something right! After all, it is so easy to lose first-time customers and repeat customers to even the most minor inconveniences. According to Auriga Research, "After cleanliness, if there is something that is the biggest turn-off for customers at a restaurant, it is the quality of the food."
As you may already know, providing excellent customer service is more than just polite staff members and smiling faces. Every aspect of the consumer's experience within your establishment falls under the umbrella of "customer service." From the tidiness of the counters to the quality of food leaving the kitchen, it is essential all staff members are trained to uphold the company's standards. This is a task especially difficult considering the labor shortage and continuous staff rotation most restaurants experience nowadays.

It is no secret that building a positive reputation both locally and virtually is vital to sustaining a long-lasting business within the QSR industry. In fact, "companies across the US are losing a staggering $62 billion per year due to poor customer service. This is because one bad experience can have a far greater knock-on effect than one good experience" (Forbes).

Did you know "The average American eats 40 pizzas a year" (SliceLife)?. That’s a significant number, so imagine the impact one bad pizza could have on your business. After one bad experience, it takes customers an average of two years to forgive and forget the occurrence enough to return for another chance. If we take the popular choice at $15+ USD per large peperoni pizza, losing just one customer could lose you $600 per year and $1,200 over the course of the two-year forgiveness period.

That may not seem like a lot of money until we look at the fact that people don't normally order pizza for just themselves. Whether they are ordering pizza for two or an entire family of five, consumers normally order more than one pizza at a time. Losing a family of five or more could cost your business up to $3,000 per year. Although people rarely order from just one pizza establishment, that is still potential money your business could have earned if it weren't for that one bad pizza.

Customers who have had bad experiences tend to leave reviews and, in a day and age where reviews are important, that can result in many more customers avoiding your restaurant. Bad online testimonials and even negative word-of-mouth reviews can turn many potential customers away from your business— it would all start from just one bad pizza. Imagine one bad pizza creating a chain reaction that starts with one customer and spreads a bad perception of your pizzas to other consumers. How many bad pizzas can your business afford?

As you can see, one bad pizza and one dissatisfied customer could lead your business to losing thousands of dollars of pizza sales. Fortunately, there is now a form of artificial intelligence (AI) specifically designed to assist pizza franchises and other quick service restaurants in avoiding bad experiences known for pushing customers away.

Kwali: Food Production Platform for QSR

Kwali is an AI system and food production platform created to monitor every pizza that comes out of the kitchen. In addition, the Kwali system provides helpful reporting as a means to improve efficiency and food quality. This automated quality control system was created to help businesses within the QSR industry by ensuring customers receive only high-quality food.

Kwali understands the importance of speed; therefore, Kwali was designed to seamlessly coordinate with your producing line. This means your staff won't even have to pause to push a button! The system then grades each food item that passes through the kitchen and reports that information to your dashboard. You will be able to see every pizza, every day!

The Kwali platform is built to give you a clear view of how your production line is performing. This valuable information will give you a better understanding of what training opportunities you need to offer your staff to perfect their workflow. It will also help you refine your kitchen's processes to produce only high-quality food without wasting valuable time in overcomplicated and ineffective quality control procedures.

We've done the research, so you don't have to! Here are the ways in which one bad pizza can negatively impact your business and how Kwali can help you avoid negative situations that can be detrimental to your business.

Leaves a Bad Taste (...Literally)

Putting out just one bad pizza can leave a bad taste in the mouths of your customers in more ways than just one. Whether the crust is burnt to a crisp or the cheese isn't all the way melted, customers will remember these seemingly small inconveniences.

With so much competition out there, you can't afford for your kitchen to be putting out bad pizzas. Even one bad pizza amongst 100 can start a chain reaction that can result in that customer not returning as well as their friends, family, and social media acquaintances.

Becoming "the spot" for repeat customers is a business owner's dream. As stated by LinkedIn, "Repeat customers were also found to spend 67% more than new customers. The more times you are able to get a customer to make another purchase, the greater their potential lifetime value becomes."

The Kwali automated quality control system will detect any food items that may not be up to your brand standards. Then, it will alert your production line of the occurrence and report that data to your dashboard so you can identify the improvement opportunities in your production line.

Can Lead to a Bad Review

As a business owner or manager, you probably already know that reviews can play a huge part in the performance of your business. Shockingly, Oberlo discovered that "nearly nine out of ten (89%) consumers worldwide make the effort to read reviews before buying products.”

Furthermore, "94% of consumers say a bad review has convinced them to avoid a business" (ReviewTrackers). With so many consumers checking business reviews before they make a purchase or go out to eat, why wouldn't you place focus on closely tracking the food that comes out of your kitchens?

As you can see, one bad pizza can lead to bigger problems than just one customer being dissatisfied. With 5%–10% of consumers leaving reviews, it is essential that each person who steps into your establishment receives the service level deserving of a five-star rating. Through Kwali, you will receive the data needed to drive pivotal changes to avoid losing customers.

Build a Sustainable Future

Many business owners or managers fall short of training their staff because they just don't know what lessons need to be emphasized. The Kwali food production platform was created to help establishments focus their training efforts on what changes need to be addressed.

Monitor the quality of your kitchen's food, observe your production data, and receive insight about how you can better your business through Kwali. This artificial intelligence quality control system has been proven to increase revenue, encourage repeat business, and lessen product waste.

Keeping a close eye on the production aspect of your business is a sure way to build a sustainable future. Remember, a handful of bad reviews can be fatal to the reputation of your pizza. Check out our How It Works page for more information about Kwali. For more details about how you can have Kwali set up for your business, we invite you to Contact Us at any time!