Do you own a food franchise ?

Automate your quality control now

What do we do ?

At Kwali we automate quality control of food franchises using 3 steps



Did a pizza pass through the camera ?



What are the ingredients ?

Tomato, mushroom, onion

Dashboard & Reporting


Did the 1st shift perform better than the 2nd ?


Benefits for your franchise

 Improve your Operations and get:

+25% increase in Sales

+30% improvement for your Pizza Quality 

Sit & relax, manage your Operations from the comfort of your house

Our customers say it

"Kwali is a 9/10, I’m really happy with their product. I improved my pizza quality by 30% in a couple weeks"

Justin Burgos

Director of Training & Recruiting

PJ Houston

150 stores under management

"It is the most amazing solution I've seen in my 20 years working at Papa John's"

David Vera
Operational Excellence Officer

Drake Food Services International

250 stores under management

Monitor your Operations like never before

Why Kwali ?

Manual methods

Kwali automation




100% of products are inspected

High accuracy

Affordable automation 

Kwali's Deep Learning technology allows it to inspect up to 100% of total production

We provide our clients with up to 95% accuracy on product scoring

With Kwali automate inspection with no need for big investments

Supervision and mystery shoppers inspect only a few products

Supervision and mystery shoppers don't score the same way all the time

Supervision and mystery shoppers based on human labor are very expensive

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