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From Supervisor to Mentor! The Benefits of Non-Invasive Supervision


Be a mentor to your team

While you want to hire employees who are self-sufficient and capable of efficiently managing their own time, the reality is that everyone performs better when they feel the support of a supervisor. That is, everyone alters their behavior when they know they are being monitored.

Whether the manager is physically present, or progress is being observed by technology, everyone can benefit from the extra accountability of being supervised. As stated by Chron, "When employees know that management is monitoring their performance and behavior and that management keeps track of what they do with their time, employees tend to be more focused and less distracted in their work, which improves the overall productivity of the business."

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It has been proven that, “companies with engaged employees had 89% greater customer satisfaction and 50% higher customer loyalty than their disengaged counterparts” (Pavestep). Furthermore, “companies with engaged employees outperform those with unengaged employees by up to 200%” (CPGAgency). A proven strategy to engage employees is to provide proper supervision, which is known for making employees feel more competent and supported in the workplace.

Supervision, when done correctly, isn't a bad thing and doesn't have to feel overbearing for the employees. In fact, according to MyPeer, "The benefits of supervision include enhanced accountability, increased feeling of support, development of professional skills and improved efficiency. Supervision is also associated with decreased feelings of isolation and role ambiguity."

The most effective type of supervision is stress free with employees feeling as though they are supported and treated fairly. Likewise, managers and owners should feel as though their presence is both valued and sought after by their employees. As opposed to constantly hovering over their employees, many QSR owners are choosing a different route for monitoring productivity.

Kwali is an automated food production platform for QSR industry companies designed to help business owners and managers streamline workflows while making sure only quality food leaves the kitchen. Pizza franchises can benefit from the supervising power of Kwali.

Designed to monitor food quality, retain customers, and increase revenues, there's no doubt that Kwali's production monitoring abilities provide the supervision needed for prime efficiency. Check out the importance of consistently monitoring employee workflow and how Kwali provides the perfect solution.

Supervised Vs. Unsupervised Teams

It's a manager's dream to hire a team of professionals who can run the pizza shop on their own. Especially in a time with prominent staff shortages, leaving employees to their own devices can be tempting. However, even self-regulating employees should receive some level of supervision. As stated earlier, providing employees with consistent monitoring will maintain the professional environment while making employees feel certain in their work roles.

Without supervision, rules slip, workflows become sloppy, and apathy sets in. In addition, corner cutting may become the everyday norm. People do not start jobs with the plan to become bad or insufficient employees.

It is the lack of support and supervision that allows bad habits to set in; as such, employees fall into practices that can result in bad customer service and low-quality food. Properly supervised teams often share a set of positive traits that are highly sought after by business owners and managers.

Supervised teams are known for:

   ● Timeliness and Efficiency
   ● Well-Rounded Workflows
   ● Integrity with Product and Time
   ● Meeting Goals and Happy Customers

As you can imagine, supervised teams take pride in putting out quality products and are more likely to enjoy their time at work. Think about it. This same thought process goes for unsupervised employees as well. Employees who routinely produce low-quality food and fall into bad habits are less likely to feel invested and proud of their work.

With personalized and detailed feedback feature, Kwali helps employees avoid putting out bad pizzas. In addition, it gives supervisors and managers a platform to view employee performance and production monitoring. Timeliness, quality of food, and satisfied customers are all metrics that are set to improve with the use of Kwali.

A Stress-Free Approach to Supervising

Owners, managers, and supervisors don't have to always be present and looming figures in the building for employees to be effectively supervised. In fact, micromanaging employees can have an undesired effect on their performance. Kwali eliminates up to 90% of wasted time by removing the need for supervisors to perform the ineffective strategies that result in employees feeling micromanaged.

According to Forbes, "As a leadership style, micromanagement is typically not only ineffective but also detrimental to the performance of the manager's team. While being more involved might make bosses feel more in charge, sooner or later, their direct reports will start to feel untrusted, undermined and resentful."

Once employees feel as though they can't make a single undocumented move, workplace satisfaction will go down. Feelings of resentment and distrust can lead to high staff rotation and turnover. As you already know, it isn't good for a business to be in a constant state of having to train brand new employees.

Being aware of the Kwali cameras monitoring production gives employees the supervision they need while keeping the atmosphere stress-free. In addition, this gives owners and managers room to perform other essential administrative duties without the constant pressure of having to stand over employees as they work.

Imagine the strong workplace relationships that can be fostered between managers, owners, and employees without the risk of micromanaging! Instead of being an ominous figure in employee work lives, store leadership can focus on being valued mentors.

Kwali squashes the need to micro-manage a team by providing owners and managers with the essential metrics to help them streamline training materials and pinpoint production discrepancies. In addition, this automated food production platform makes employees more self-sufficient as they will be able to regulate their own behaviors, knowing their productivity is being monitored.

Begin Effectively Supervising

As it turns out, there is a delicate balance between being a soul-crushing micro-manager and effectively supervising your team. Supervised teams are proud of their work and feel supported and cared for by their workplace superiors. Unsurprisingly, “happy employees are more creative and productive. They're also less likely to quit” (BusinessNewsDaily).

In these positive environments, productivity metrics are used to inform employees of their performance, and targeted training opportunities are provided. On the other hand, micro-managed or even unsupervised teams can be the downfall of a business. In fact, “micromanaging breeds resentment and causes people to feel untrusted and unfulfilled, causing them to leave” (Omnia).

Begin your journey to the perfect supervision solution today! For more information about the Kwali automated food production platform for QSR or a free consultation, please feel free to Contact Us. You may also check out our article about the true cost of a bad pizza and the consequences that can come as a result of unsatisfied customers.