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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long does it take to install a camera in my store? 

As soon as your camera arrives it should take no more than 20 minutes to install and be ready to use. If an issue comes up, we can typically solve it inside 10 more minutes.


2) Should I install the camera myself?

Yes, It’s Plug&Play ! Follow the instructions of your Welcome video, also available in our website www.kwali.ai/onboarding/ 

If you have doubts, please feel free to schedule a call with our Support team - support@kwali.ai - to help you set the camera on. 


3)   How many Dashboard accesses can I get?

Currently, Kwali’s offering allows you to get as many Dashboard accesses as required. We only charge on a per-store basis. If you need additional access, please contact your Customer Success executive.


4)   Pictures are not showing up in my Dashboard, what should I do?

If you are not seeing pictures or not enough pictures in your Dashboard, please contact your Customer Success executive indicating the store(s) you want us to review. You do not have to do any changes to the camera.


5)   I ordered the Service days ago and I still don’t get the cameras, what is going on?

Kwali works on a first-come-first-served basis. Depending on your order size we might require some time to set your order up. Once you are given a tracking number from one of our logistics partners, please try checking with them to get more details on the shipping.


6)   I’m interested, can I have a trial first?

Yes, Kwali works with 1 camera trial for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, customers will have to choose between subscribing to the Service or sending the camera back to Kwali within 14 business days.


7)   Can I get the data to my own data warehouse?

Yes, Data Delivery is part of our Premium offering and requires a specific integration that will be charged separately.

Setting up your Camera


The camera consists of a 3.3’’ x 4.07’’ x 3.39’’ case (silent fan included) that is to be installed above the pizza cut table using the adjustable arm mount provided.


1: Lens mount
2: Power input
3: Camera cable
4: Cooling fan
5: Ethernet port

Supporting Arm:

The camera must be placed just above the middle of the cutting table and the height between the lens and the table must be 43 inches.

The installation of the camera on top of the cut table requires a fixing mechanism that:

  • Ensures that the position of the camera relative to the cutting table remains fixed and stable

  • Avoids creating any nuisance for the kitchen workers, maintaining the established operational procedures

  • Allows for easy access in case of need

The arm itself has an adjustable length of 11” to 24” and weighs 1 pound. It fixes to a surface with a clamp system as shown. Please make sure you tighten it up so it stays stable in the long run.


The camera is adjusted to the arm mount with an ¼’’ screw as shown below

Mount screw to be tighten to camera nut


Proper camera orientation for screwing


After attaching the camera, loosen the secondary screw marked as 1 to modify the device orientation

Adjusting the camera positioning:

Make sure there are 43 inches between the lens and the table

  • The side of the camera with the white ribbon cable must point opposite to the employee’s face

  • Make sure the camera doesn't affect the employee normal workflow. Also, make sure the power cable doesn't hang loosely and doesn't obstruct the camera’s field of view

  • Please remove the camera lens protective film before turning the camera on


1: Multiple adjustment screws

2: Camera ribbon cable behind the camera, opposite to employee’s face

3: Lens pointing in vertical direction to the middle of cutting table


Lens protective film to be removed
(at the center of the picture)

Turning the camera on and calibration

1) Plug the Ethernet cable to the camera and then plug the Power cable too

2) Before turning the camera on, put the 2 calibration papers we provided, next to each other, just below the camera

3) Please add a ID paper indicating your Name, Last Name, Phone number, Store name and Address

4) Turn the camera ON by pushing the power button, a blue light should turn on

5) Leave the calibration and ID papers for 2 minutes

PS: Please keep the calibration papers for a future calibration. This will only be needed if lighting conditions in your kitchen are modified (changing the light for instance).

That's it ! You are good to go and get your pizzas scored !

If you have any problem, please schedule a troubleshooting call with us here: