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Quality Control powered by Deep Learning


Deep Learning at the service of Quality Inspection

Kwali is an artificial intelligence provider of Deep Learning solutions for quality control automation

Kwali combines best-in-class engineers, mathematics superstars and industry veterans to create solutions who aim to make manufacturing life easier and to free people from exhausting and repetitive tasks

We focus on creating inspection solutions that replace the human eye for manufacturing industries. We use Cameras, Deep Learning and High Performance Computing technologies to provide an integrated and fully functional solution to our clients

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High Performance Computing


Deep Learning

Applicable industries

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Food Franchises

Kwali inspection solution

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Image & video


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Real time analysis using Kwali proprietary algorithms

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Dashboard & API
for your own reports

Kwali uses artificial intelligence image & video analysis technology to provide unparalleled inspection automation solutions for a diverse range of manufacturing industries where existing technologies have shown their limits


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